Morgan Stanley Double Upgrade Makes Deepak Nitrite Shines 7% on Stock Market

Morgan Stanley Double Upgrade Makes Deepak Nitrite

The international securities firm is leasing a positive weather outlook for Deepak Nitrite, whose stock has more than doubled in value this calendar year

In trading on December 12, shares of Deepak Nitrite, the largest company in India’s thriving specialty chemicals segment, surged 6.8915 percent to reach an all-time high on the National Stock Exchange (NSE) of Rs 2,619.80. Essentially, this dramatic upswing was directly tied to Morgan Stanley’s double upgrade of the company. Morgan Stanley, a financial markets institution in a class of its own, had previously completely dismissed Deepak Nitrite as a non-investment, labeling it contentedly as Underweight and then generously raising it to Overweight from Underweight.

Morgan Stanley Double Upgrade Makes Deepak Nitrite Shines 7% on Stock Market
Morgan Stanley Double Upgrade Makes Deepak Nitrite Shines 7% on Stock Market

Price Target Indicates Overweight

Together with the upgrade, Morgan Stanley has revised its Deepak Nitrite’s target price greatly upwards to Rs 2,985. This decision was not without results for the stock itself: it has fulfilled the highest levels ever since with unbelievable firmness, ticking a high base so far that has been highly resistant to stock brokers who are used to working only with penny stocks. Nonetheless, our new target price is not primarily addressing the bosses at Morgan Stanley: it is mainly to mark the continued expansion of value and the flaring future of Deepak Nitrite shares held by shareholders such as yourself that it was noticed why set the bar so high.

Investment Cycle Makes Key Difference

One factor stimulating what is essentially a fresh view on Deepak Nitrite by Morgan Stanley is the business’s ambitious capital spending agenda that has now surmounted the billion-dollar milestone. This substantial level of expenditure is being directed towards various projects aimed toward fortifying Deepak Nitrite’s competitive position within the industry, optimizing operational effectiveness throughout all levels of operations, and establishing the foundation for long-term development possibilities. Correspondingly, as the analysts at Morgan Stanley saw a similar time period of reassessment following accelerated progress in prior years, they believe this investment cycle possesses what is required to facilitate such a growth program for Deepak Nitrite and beyond.

Deepak Nitrite Plant | Image Credit
Deepak Nitrite Plant | Image Credit

Image Courtesy: trade

Expected growth in income

For Morgan Stanley, this redemption means that Diepake-Nitrite’s base earnings will be doubled by 2028. He gets his capital from a combination of bank sources: legacy strategic investments, self-help operational improvements, and market forces that favor them. This fact is highlighted by the company’s strategic repositioning as an integrated phenolics producer. As such, it is expected to develop massive productive strength and profitability for years to come. Morgan Stanley has a lot of confidence in the company’s ability to capture rising opportunities. This decision that it gives value and streams to the income statement is leading it to the right path.


Outlook and risks

While the company’s future looks promising, it may take longer than expected before Deepak starts to blossom. Possible hazards that analysts have mentioned are laggard projects, road problems, and fluctuating earnings, among others. They underscore the basic uncertainty premier among traditional special chemicals sectors. However, despite these hazards, the analysts are optimistic about Deepak Nitrite’s long-term prospects. In addition, they point out that leading industry-wide operational metrics are sound finance and can see the company’s strategic movements for 2014+. By doing so, we may reduce potential downfalls as much as possible.

Market Performance

At the beginning of Rekar, Nitrite closed up another $2.00 yesterday, pushing up an already dizzying market valuation of more than 12%. Virtually every sector flourishes, industrial relations are excellent, and it’s only a matter of time before the public recognizes ELI’s outproducts, which are special chemicals worth buying. Deepak Nitrite is now trading at $2543 per share, an increase of 3.8% over the previous week. In the face of Morgan Stanley changing its viewpoint and creating uneasiness in the markets, this development can be seen as a show of faith. The firm has beaten the broad market over one year, rising 31% against only 23% for the Nifty 50 in that time, a sign of its resilience and long-serving shareholders.

The doubling of this rating and the surge in its stock price indicates how resilient Deepak Nitrite is as a company. It also helps to explain why Mr. Kumar appeared so positive about our most recent meeting in Mumbai: “Furthermore, from our perspective, as the firm commences its highly ambitious investment cycle and continues to roll out its different strategic programs, we anticipate the consolidation of existing gains and a significant enhancement in upside potential. In sum, Deepak Nitrite at present possesses a rather beneficial context, with outstanding industry dynamics supporting the overall scenario and bounteous growth possibilities completely set in cement, more or less certain to come to fruition. Consequently, there is no real excuse for an investor to appear worried.


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